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RFM12b troubleshooting

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RFM12b troubleshooting


I am using RFM12b with mega328p with jcw's library. I have a demo program from examples provided within the library.

#include <Ports.h> #include <RF12.h> #include <RF12sio.h> RF12 RF12; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); Serial.print("\n[rf12serial]"); rf12_config(); } void loop() { if (Serial.available()) RF12.send(; if (RF12.poll()) Serial.print(; }

I get no data from my serial port except the "[rf12serial]". i have tested f12_canSend(void) and rf12_recvDone(void) with no success. Moreover, I changed the initialization using rf12_easyInit(uint8_t secs) and rf12_spi_init() but still got nothing. The hardware connection seems good and I have wired according to these schematics.

How can I find the problem? Is there a kind of signaling on a specific pin so I can trace it and find the bug? or is there a kind of debugging process you have used?

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.

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