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rf12 single cast instead of broadcast

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rf12 single cast instead of broadcast


Assume you build a network of several rf12 modules, all in the same group and with an own individual node id. Is it possible to send out a messages from one rf12 module to only one other rf12 module?

If you use: rf12_sendStart(0, &payload, sizeof payload) than the messages is going to be broadcasted. Because with the initialize function you specify a individual node id, I would assume that you could send out a message directly to one specific rf12 module?

I know that it is possible to use a some kind of a prefix within the payload that includes the a node ID, but is there no other way?

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@sam, the support libraries are designed for both - either 'point to point' or 'broadcast'. Of course, at the physical layer, everything is a broadcast, but what you want is provided in the existing headers.

There are plenty of discussions in the Weblog or Forum - try this as an example.

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