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JeeNode Micro + Gravity Plug problem

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JeeNode Micro + Gravity Plug problem

I have connected the JeeNode Micro to the gravity plug and want to send the acceleration data via RFM12B. As soon as I add the lines “const int* p = sensor.getAxes(); p = sensor.getAxes();” in the program code the JeeNode Micro doesn’t send anything (with or without gravity plug). I guess the JeeNode Micro crushes. The JeeNode Micro is powered with 2 AA batteries, sending and receiving data with RFM12B works fine and the gravity plug works well with other JeeNodes. I would appreciate any help!

#include <JeeLib.h> MilliTimer sendTimer; char payload[] = "Hello from JeeNodeMicro!"; PortI2C myBus(2); GravityPlug sensor(myBus); int gravityRead () { const int* p = sensor.getAxes(); //crash? p = sensor.getAxes(); //crash? return -1; } void setup () { Serial.begin(38400); rf12_initialize(1, RF12_868MHZ,33); } void loop () { sendTimer.poll(1000); rf12_recvDone(); if (rf12_canSend()) { rf12_sendStart(0, payload, sizeof payload); } int diff; diff = gravityRead(); }

Are you getting any compile errors? Make sure also to use a recent gcc - older versions had problems with ATtiny code over 4 KB, generating incorrect code or linker errors (I think always the latter, but it made me very suspicious).

RAM consumption is very low, from what I can see in your code, so that's not the cause, probably.


There are no compiler errors. I tried gcc 4.7.0 and the ATMEL toolchain with gcc 4.6.2 with Windows 7. The sketch works with the normal JeeNode.

Installation of gcc 4.7.0:

Installation of gcc 4.6.2 (ATMEL toolchain):

Are the any work arounds to get the data from the gravity plug / to avoid the crash?

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