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OT: Digisparks about to ship

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OT: Digisparks about to ship

Off-topic here, but I just had to post... Small world department: I just checked to see where I was on the list of nearly 6000 people who ordered a "Digispark" ($10 ATtiny based USB device) and found my name, then noticed I was just two numbers later than another name I recognized... (hope this wasn't supposed to be a secret!)

... 5031 Jean-Claude Wippler Kickstarter 5032 Reuben Kickstarter 5033 John Beale Kickstarter ...


Where did you see the list? I am 1956 according to my order form. Also they threw in an RFM12 pcb! Am looking forward to messing around with these!

Did you claim some value on the customs form?

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