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Can no longer upload with USB BUB II

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Can no longer upload with USB BUB II

Soooooo I was mucking around with a voltage divider in order to measure a 12V battery. The project I'm working on is going to run off a 12V battery. I want the jeenode to send the battery levels back etc etc. Well idiot me was staring and comparing another voltage divider I had on an arduino to duplicate it. Well by accident (stupidity) I ran the 12V right to the P on port 1... Since doing this I can no longer upload to any of my jeenodes. I have since ordered another from Modern Device and am eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Lesson learned. -blkno1


@blkno1 - it happens. A moment of inattention to learn that abused silicon can fry faster than your reaction time.

Sounds like the FTDI chip - replaceable with care. If you don't have access to a hot-air station, hack it to death with sharp diagonal cutters to expose the lead frame, then gently remove each "leg" with a small-tip soldering iron and solder wick. Or take it to a friendly cell-phone real repair shop and give them the challenge... ;-)

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