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Handy LCD 84x48 works on the Tiny84

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Handy LCD 84x48 works on the Tiny84

I recently picked up an ex Nokia 5110 LCD display.

Or very inexpensively from here.

I found some demo code which I tweaked a little and it runs fine on the ATTiny84 used in the JeeNode Micro.
A couple of sketches are attached.

Basic3310_T84.pde5.65 KB
Basic3310Plus1_T84.pde7.07 KB

Good find @JohnO! may come in handy as a status display with a JeeNode Micro or Funky


Nice one JohnO :-)


Great stuff. There is a 3310 on its way to me (hopefully the old retro green type, not the white 5110). I'll report my experiences with it. If it works out I plat to doe more with theses screens. Btw, there is an ebay company in Hengelo (OV, NL) that might have a few spare ones without the keypad.

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