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Convert RFM12 libs to Linux

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Convert RFM12 libs to Linux

Dear all: Is it possible to convert the RFM12 libraries used on Arduino to be used under LINUX? I need to use the RFM12 module on a Linux platform and make it to be compatible with the Arduino Payload structures and settings. Any help/suggestion will be very welcome. Thanks a lot. Nelson--


Have you considered using a JeeLink connected by USB/serial as a bridge between the computer and radio network? You would need to have SPI pins on your Linux box and a pretty hard real-time OS (some varieties of Linux are capable of that), because the RFM12b needs quick servicing when receiving or sending messages due to its small internal buffer.


As Padvinder says, servicing an RFM12B directly from Linux is tricky. Linux is easily distracted by other tasks, and the radio has a minute buffer which is quickly overrun.

I've seen some projects attempt to run an RFM12B on a Raspberry Pi (linux based), which ran into exactly those problems.

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